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【讲座】Apparently Unique Phenomenon in Japan: I am Happy with being Ordinary

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讲座主题:Apparently Unique Phenomenon in Japan: I am Happy with being Ordinary)

主讲人:Prof. Susumu Yamaguchi, University of Tokyo




It has been claimed in the mainstream psychology that individuals are striving for higher self-evaluation, which is typically measured by Rosenberg’s self-esteem scale. In our research, on the other hand, Japanese have been found to have positive attitude toward being ordinary, which is apparently in conflict with motivation for higher self-evaluation. I will present empirical evidence indicating that Japanese tend to expect that they are super-ordinary (i.e., exaggerated sense of being ordinary). Also, preliminary data from American participants will be presented to discuss a possible universality of the apparently unique phenomenon among Japanese. The findings will be discussed from a perspective of indigenous psychology.