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【讲座】The Social Adaptation Model of Oxytocin Function

Next Prev 发布时间:2017-04-13  浏览次数:173

题目:催产素的社会适应模型(The Social Adaptation Model of Oxytocin Function)

主讲人:马燚娜 (北京师范大学认知神经科学与学习国家重点实验室研究员)



讲座摘要:Adaptation to the complicated social environment is critical for humans to survive and thrive. The neuropeptide oxytocin (OT), implicated in social cognition and emotions that are pivotal to sociality and well-being, is emerging as a pharmacological target for social dysfunction and mood disorders. In the talk, I will talk about the social adaptation model for OT function, that the multifaceted role of OT in socio-affective processes improves the capability for social adaptation. I will review the literature of OT effects on socio-affective processes, with a particular focus on OT-neuroimaging studies to elucidate neuropsychological mechanisms through which OT promotes social adaptation. I will also provide evidence that OT can ameliorate impaired social adaptation in individuals with social deficits by normalizing hyper- or hypo-brain activity. The social adaption framework provides an integrative understanding of discrepant OT effects and the modulations of OT effects by personal milieu and contexts. Translational potential and constraints of OT for social dysfunction treatment are discussed. I will also talk about recent OT studies from our lab that lend further empirical support for social adaptation model.