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 The psychology program at RUC has a long and rich past, but only a short history. As a research field, psychology first emerged at RUC in early 1980’s. A master’s program in social psychology affiliated to the School of Sociology and Anthropology was launched in 1987, which was the first social psychology program in China. In 1993, the Institute of Social Psychology was established and a Ph.D program began to enroll students from 1995. At the same time, many psychology-related courses were taught in different schools and departments at RUC, such as industrial and organizational psychology, educational psychology, psychological counseling, psychology of law, psychometrics, and the like. In 2004, the Institute of Psychology was established which extended the research and teaching of psychology into a more general, experimental and cognitive approach.
With the realization and belief of the importance of psychological science in modern society and in a comprehensive university, the leadership of RUC approved the establishment of the department of psychology, affiliated to the School of Sciences.
There are 13 full time and 6 adjunct faculty members in the department and all of them have  international studying and visiting experiences. 5 distinguished scholars from USA, UK, Turkey are appointedas our visiting professors. The department offers bachelors and master’s degree in both basic  psychology and applied psychology and doctorate degree in social psychology. The department has 40 undergraduate students (20 each year), 25 master’s students and 8 Ph.D students in 2010.